617(E) HP Grease #2

High-performance, corrosion inhibited grease with outstanding extreme pressure capabilities and excellent water washout resistance. Temperature limit -30°C (-22°F) to 200°C (392°F).

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  • Vorteile
  • Eigenschaften
Extends bearing life
Reduces downtimes
Increases productivity
Reduces grease consumption
Produkteigenschaften Anwendungen
Superior water resistance
Excellent corrosion protection
Compatible with most popular greases
Exceptional shear resistance
Anti-oxidants prevent hardening
QBT™ Quiet Bearing Technology
High water, temperature environment plants including:
Pulp and paper mills
Mining operations
Steel, aluminum, and metal processing
Water and wastewater
Erhältliche Behältergrößen:
400 g, 18 kg, 181 kg